Monday, February 2, 2009

Sydney: What a Wonderful CIty

Well, sorry for waiting so long to post but with broadband is not quite as we know it at home. That, and the battery for the laptop has expired and I am waiting for the new one. Also, when it is stormy in our little cottage at Nuwarra Eliya we have to unplug the appliances in case of lightening.

But the real reason, and I have to be honest here, is that old procrastination of many a diary writer! How many diaries have started of with eloquent prose, interesting entries and long descriptions of daily minutiae?

Well I am guilty, and apologize. No longer will I say...." I will 'blog' tomorrow...

I will upload some photos now and edit the dialog later. MB

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January to March 2009. I was on Professional Development leave from my teaching Job at the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island Universtity. I chose to take a 3 month leave to visit bakeries and teachng institutions in Australia. Thank you to VIU and my union (BCGEU) for supporting this venture. The aim of this blog was to keep an ongoing diary of my experiences and share them with my students and colleagues. This sure beats coming up with a report and slide show months later. I mean "FRESH" is what baking is all about! Learned to bake back in 1978....making granola...but that is another story. .