Monday, February 23, 2009

Melbourne/William Angliss College

I wasn't going to post anything about William Angliss...they have far to many toys! I am just kidding, although I would be lying to say I wasn't jealous!
Fellow instructor Brendan Carter showed me around over 2 very interesting mornings.
William Angliss is a hospitality college, which was started by Sir William Angliss, a successful butcher, who endowed it to encourage training in the meat cutting trade.
Below are some images of the college.
Ken, the conch machine was locked up , image...
Brendan's Pastry Class, Yeasted Bread section.
Day 1 Learning to sharpen knives, culinary section

Store Front Kitchen one of 10 or more at the college

Somalier Course

An Exstensergraph machine for measuring extensiblity properties of flour

A Farinograph for measuring strength of flour

One of the many culinary teaching kitchens.

$5.00 for the winner of the correct guess.......Ken?

Chocolate Tempering machine at head of enrober and tunnel.

Pastry class working on center pieces.

Culinary Kitchen

Culinary Kitchen

Reconstructed Facing of one of the old Wood fired teaching ovens. These were last used in the 50's
Inside the wood/gas-fire brick oven

Wood/Gas Fired Brick oven.

Moulding and rounding equipment.
Fully Automatic bun divider rounder.
Chorleywood dough mixer. mixes a dough under vacuum in about 2-3 minutes. One of the major contributors to undigestable bread ever the Brits!

Gentle 2 arm mixer, too bad these have become archaic, they are so gentle on the dough.

Brendan's teaching bakery

Sigh....a tandoori oven!

Deck oven and instructors' area.

More ovens.

Pastry Class.


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