Monday, February 2, 2009

Brasserie Breads Sydney 3: The Pastry Section

Brasserie Breads: Pastry Shop

Perfect eclairs! Mango, Raspberry and Chocolate

All Butter Croissants baked the previous night and cut, waiting for a filling and topping of frangipane and Almond flakes. This used to be a way of using up the left-over plain croissants. Now most bakers are having to bake plain croissants to keep up with the demand.

I enjoyed working with Mark, Lisa, Chris and his crew in the pastry section at Brasserie. For a start it was air conditioned! Having just been built a few months ago it was all new. From the moment I got in, the sleeves were rolled up and production started.

Although they have a limited repertoire of products at this stage, everything is fine and exact. Some of their major premium customers would not accept a product that was not perfect.

I was impressed with this dedication to perfection.

The main products were Croissants, Danish, small cakes (friandes), brioche, tarts, banana bread and a line of French pastries that are being developed for the retail section.

Butter from Belgium, already in blocks., waiting to be rolled into the croissant dough. This delicious and pliable butter is excellent for laminated doughs. I had to laugh though, in Canada we buy butter from New Oz they use butter from Europe...both our countries are full of cows, who' is counting food miles and carbon credits!

Pain au chocolate. One of the products made from the croissant dough. It was interesting to note tha the dough was made from scratch and rolled out into finished product in the same shift.

Blueberry almond tarts...yum!

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