Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ashmore TAFE Queensland

Visit to Ashmore Tafe Feb 5th 2009.

I was welcomed to Asmore this time by the head of the baking program and an instructor there for many years, Peter Nickl. His repution had come before him and this larger than life man was full of passion for our industry and his students. The bakery was very well equipped (jealous, Fred, I need more $$$ for VIU!)The baking classes that are offered are a one year foundation program, and apprentice upgrades. First year apprentices are monitored by the instructors at their place of work, and have to complete correspondance for the theory. The students in the one year foundation program are all international. If a local wants to enroll they have to pay the international fees of $20,000. It is interesting to note that there is no shortage of enrollment from overseas.
Mini Bread Mixers
Ashmore has a new 6 deck Rotel oven. Thes ovens seem to be the standard in many Australian bakeries. The configuration can be changed, but basically there is a space for 2-4 baking trays on each deck, arranged around a carousel. The the carousel stops rotating when the door is opened. Or can be stopped manually. I have seen many of these in the bakeries I have visited. The first ones I saw were actually in Vancouver at a Cobs Bakery, which of course is and Australian franchise (Baker’s Delight)

Bank of 4, 20 liter Bear mixers

Automatic divider from a mini-bread plant


Today's assignment Level 3 Bread

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January to March 2009. I was on Professional Development leave from my teaching Job at the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island Universtity. I chose to take a 3 month leave to visit bakeries and teachng institutions in Australia. Thank you to VIU and my union (BCGEU) for supporting this venture. The aim of this blog was to keep an ongoing diary of my experiences and share them with my students and colleagues. This sure beats coming up with a report and slide show months later. I mean "FRESH" is what baking is all about! Learned to bake back in 1978....making granola...but that is another story. .