Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mudgeerabar Bakery Queensland

I had found this bakery just doing a google search, and didn't realise how close it was on my way up to Queensland. So when I saw Mudgeerabar (rhymes with budgerigar) on the sign 3 kilometers, I slipped off the motorway. Tiny town, and I came upon a quaint bakery. I walked in and was a bit embarrassed, and told the counter -person who I was and what I was doing. I think she thought, "another crazy Brit" but said there would be no problem and 'Dad' was just out back.

I was welcomed by the owner who had been baking there non stop for 53 years, he remebers the previous owner saying he had been there for 35 before that. There was a perfect woodfired brick oven at the back. Used every day except for close to 90 years except for 4 days when they had to put a new roof and floor on/in the bakery.

Here are some pictures, including a painting of the original bakery and the scorched timbers where they had set fire to the bakery after dumping out some hot embers! The bakers son has taken over to help his dad now, and the fare is typical and good Aussie Bakery tucker.
The painting of the original bakery. I was told that hey just built the new bakery around it, and then pulled out the existing frame....and used it for fuel for the oven of course!
How about framing the oven in timber! VIU facilities would have a fit!

Mechanical adaptation of an original hand tart press.

In the oven.....beautiful sole!

Baker and Son

This was a Scotch oven (indirect fired) so you can see the damper in the top left corner, which was opened during the inititial fire up.

The bakery as it is now.

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