Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uncle Bob's Bakery Belmont QLD

Uncle Bobs: Feb 3rd and 4th 2009

I was waiting for Brett Noy to return from SIGEP in Italy. Brett is Robert (uncle Bob), son.
Brett was coaching the Australian Baking Team at SIGEP in Italy.

Congratulations to the Australian team, Brett's role for this years Sigep was Team Captain. Artwork in Dough was 1st place with Professional Jury, 50% of the marks were from the public judging for overall outright placings so it makes it a very difficult comp to design product for but very rewarding if it works. (Pictures in seperate post)
Brett and familly have 3 bakeries south of Brisbane. Belmont and Redland and another cold shop.

The Belmont store bakes all the bread and pastry for the 3 shops and also wholesales, and the Redland shop makes pies, pies and more Aussie pies!

We could have talked for days. Again, the problems facing bakeries in Australia are mirrored in Canada, from staffing, supplies, flour quality, to getting members to turn up at Baking Association meetings!

I spent a very informative time with Uncle Bob's. I liked the set up in Belmont. The production area was split into three areas. One was a mini bread plant, the middle was an air-conditioned pastry room and the third area was designated for artisan bread, with it's own mixer, proofer/retarder and Bonguard oven.

Below are some pictures of the operation. I will add captions later.

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