Friday, January 9, 2009

Macadamia Madness

Here is a picture of Grandma Macadamia at the market in Lismore. We also purchased some pure macadamia nut oil from her, which is cheaper than olive oil. I made focaccia with it and fresh herbs from the garden.

Here is a picture of a macadamia plantation. When mature, the tall trees are lush and create a dark forest. Apparently people get lost in the plantation at night and have to wait till morning to get out.

I remember buying a bag of macadamia nuts one year, and being so worried about the cost, I locked them in the office and forgot about them, for a year. They went rancid.!

It's Macadamia time here in Aus and the taste of a fresh cracked nut is amazing. And the price is less prohibitive too!

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Kristine said...

Hi Martin!!

I hope your trip is going well:) I sure like the pictures you posted.

Did you know you won the McLotto yesterday?? $1700!!!


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