Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Out Those Deep Fryers Guys

I was surprised to find these prices at a doughnut franchise in the mall for traditional glazed buns.

$3.00 -$4.00 each 6/ $15 12/ $25.

This bakery is in Byron Bay, Called Byron Organic Doughnuts. I was impressed by the $4.00 price point for an over the counter, hand made product. I had thought that it was a reflection on the cost of the organic materials and the hand crafting,but as you can see form the post above it is just the price of a doughnut in Australia!

(I will write more about pricing later, but Pie and Ice cream in a restaurant...$12.50. It is rare to find a dessert under $10.00 in any restaurant. They run at the same price as our entrees. )

PS Entrees are appetizers in Australia.


Sisel said...

Why is this d'ya think? Has it got to do with the price of the flour, etc.?

Martin said...

The price of raw materials has effected everything, but Doughnuts have never been 'luxury'treat, which they have now been elevated too. (Who is Sisel?)

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