Monday, July 26, 2010

Baking With Jack Lang in Cambridge UK

Nothing wrong with a 'busman's holiday!' Below are some pictures of a wonderful day baking with Jack Lang. We hand mixed in the garden and baked in the wood fired oven.

Task-master at the ready

Stretching and folding and stretching and folding and ......

Jack making sure that I do it right.

Magic pure magic!

and final test!
Sunflower Flax and Mustard Seed...a variation on Tracy M's recipe.
The Bounty! Sour Dough Rye
Jack's trial of Emmer wheat (maybe it was Einkorn). The garden and orchard were amazing.
Thanks, Jack for having me!


Ron said...

Looks like you had an excellent day baking in the garden. What a great setting!
Ron Rathburn
Warren, RI

pajarita said...

Great post! My question: how do you harvest and thresh the small amounts of wheat grown in the garden?

jackal said...

Cut the heads off with shears.
Thresh with a food processor with a plastic pastry blade.
Winnow with a fan or hair dryer

These ancient wheats such as Einkorn, Spelt and Emmer do not free thresh, so you have to remove the husk by running them through a mill with the stones set widly apart, then winnow again Traditionally the millstones were driven backwards so they do not cut.

jackal said...

This is a rare variety of Einkorn "Triticum sinskajae" that is reputed to free thresh. If it does I will bulk it up until there is enough to bake with. We started with 10 or so kernals from a seed bank.
Einkorn makes a very yellow loaf - high in carotene.

Ian Miller said...

I'd love to have some triticum sinskajae seeds. Can anyone send me a few of these seeds?

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