Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nanaimo Bar Wars?

Unfortunate Accident after eating 12 Nanaimo Bars!

Well, Well, Well. All I wanted to do was defend the Heritage Nanaimo Bar, and now I have to watch out for Amanda Cohen from the so called 'hip' restaurant, Dirt Candy in New York City (oooh la bloody lah!).
(I'm sorry Mum, apparently it IS ok for us to eat dirt after all!)

So, Amanda, the Canadian owner and Chef, is coming to find me in her Barbie Dream Car, and if you don't believe me, follow her blog entry...second link below. The original letter, (first link below) was inspired by an article on the front page of the Victoria Times Colonist (July 18th last link below).

Well, all good tongue in cheek stuff, Amanda and I are now BFFs (baking fiends forever?) and she is invited to my grandson's bar-mitzva, but remember: A Nanaimo Bar is a sickly, oversweet, fattening, unbaked, barely digestable, 3 layered conncoction using custard powder as a base for the center. It has been causing stomach groans and delight for over 50 years...and it is ours, fellow Nanaimoans, ours......any change in the recipe has to be approved by Nanaimo City Council.....
So go and visit Amanda in NYC and check out her wonderful creations, even eat a sweet pea and mint 'whatsitcalled', and say 'hello' from Nanaimo!

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