Sunday, March 8, 2009

North Sydney TAFE, Ryde

This college is probably the biggest hospitality school in the Southern Hemisphere.

The congenial Peter Hood met me for my tour and I spent a very informative day with him. Lunch in their fine dining room was a wonderful experience.

The college has partnered with Cordon Bleu to deliver their programs as well:

They used to run a hotel at the campus, but have had to stop that to build and renovate as more kitchen space was needed.

Demo Theater

Presentation of student chefs after lunch service. The chefs then visited the patrons to receive feed-back on their cooking and plating.

Ok....If I get any more attitude from our students about apropriate dress, you can be thankful that we don't have a dress program like Ryde. CordonBleu hospitality students, (cook and bake too) are required to wear uniforms to school as well as there whites in the kitchen. Actually....looks pretty smart, maybe we should revise our liberal dress code!

Peter Hood, head of the baking program at Ryde, and myself enjoying a fine lunch prepared by the student chefs.

Not a hospitality school without it's own barrista institute!

Bakery (one of 4)

Instructors' bench in bakery classroom with details of 'cause and effect' exercise for yeasted doughs.

More Bakery classroom.

Reception and admin desk for Cordon Bleu school within the hospitality dept. The college delivers the programs under the CB brand. Most students are from overseas and usualy sign up for 3, 12 week programs. Tuition is approx $1000 per week, not sure if this includes accomodation or not.
Successful graduates can use the Australian qualifications to suport immigration applications.

Hospitality class learning bar service.


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